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Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteer Recruitment

I need volunteers/board members. Where do I find them?

Where can I recruit youth volunteers?

What assistance is offered for volunteers with disabilities?

For Volunteers

I want to volunteer. Where do I find positions?

I have large group of volunteers. Where can we volunteer?

What is a Volunteer Centre?

Risk Management

What type of screening should I implement? Where do I get info on the steps?

Where can I find information on Criminal Record Checks?

Where can I get insurance for my nonprofit?

Set-up a Volunteer Centre/Start a Nonprofit

I want to set-up a volunteer centre. Where do I start?

How do I set-up a Society in BC?

Board Governance

Where can I get board governance help?

Training/Speaker Request

Do you offer training? Can you recommend a speaker for my event?

Volunteer Management Training

Where can I take a course/be certified in Volunteer Management?

Volunteer Statistics

Where can I find stats on volunteering in BC?

Have More Questions?

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