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Advocacy and Leadership

Advocacy & Leadership in Action

Our successful advocacy has been built on great relationships and we work tirelessly to advocate for and on behalf of volunteers and volunteer-involving groups to ensure the value of volunteering is recognized. We participate in national and provincial roundtables to ensure our voices are heard.


Dialogues with Government

Meetings with local MLA’s and Parliamentary Secretary for Community Developments and Non Profits. Provide letters to government officials asking for measures to help charities and non-profit continue their valuable work.

Volunteer Canada

Participated in National Action Strategy on Volunteering  Roundtables. These roundtables address the volunteering and participation crisis, increase belonging and inclusion, and support future generations.


Worked with local Members of Parliament, the Ministry of Justice and VMPC/BC to establish free, online screening for all BC volunteers working with children or vulnerable adults through the Criminal Record Review Program.

New Society Act

Developed responses to the proposed Society Act, calling attention to key provisions that would negatively impact volunteerism. Several Volunteer BC recommendations led to changes in the New Act.

Want to work with us?

We work with like-minded people and groups to achieve mutual goals. Want to be our next partner? Have a great program or idea you’d like to share across BC?

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